Secolino Sport


With Secolino you can choose the insole model that better adapts to the technical needs of your sport. Four different sport insoles models for every sport modalitie: BIKING, GOLF, FÚTBOL and MULTISPORT.

Secolino Sport There are 4 products.

  • 17,77 €

    Fine and light. Thermal stability.When doing outdoor sports such as biking we are exposed to temperature changes, rain, cold, heat...Secolino insoles regulate the thermal sensation and keep the feet always dry.

    17,77 €
  • 20,45 €

    Perfect adaptation to the ground. Improving the performance.A golfer takes 1400 steps during a standard round. The use of appropriate insoles prevents potential injuries and improves the stability of the swing. Also isalates your feet completely from the golf flied humidity.

    20,45 €
  • 14,46 €

    Minimal thickness. Adaptable to any football shoe.When playing football, 2 million and a half steps are being taken in a season in which you jump approximately 3.900 times and perform dodges, drastic changes of direction and ball passes. The prevention of injuries is a fundamental priority. PORON® USA shock-absorption technology, Perfect balance...

    14,46 €
  • 14,88 €

    Regulation of temperature and elimination of sweat. Perfect balance between shock absortion and cushioning.Secolino 'MultiSport' insoles are specially designed for the practice of sports activities. A correct footprint not only prevents injuries but also improves comfort and performance.

    14,88 €

Anatomically and biomechanically adapted to the technical requirements of each sport.

Secolino sports insoles are compatible with the main footwear models that exist in the market, for every sports modality. Recommended by AEPODE, Secolino Sport offers, in addition to the effectiveness of Secolino Technology, PORON® USA high shock-absorption capacity, a perfect combination for those who demand high performance.